Fluorescein Filter

High performance filter ready to take your clinic to the next level
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Leveraging AVS’s unique colour formula, our filter is a cost-effective solution that clips onto many compatible slit lamps, offering high-resolution observation of the anterior eye and its defects. It provides an easy upgrade for slit lamps lacking built-in filters, giving clinicians access to gold-standard anterior viewing.

Common uses of the Fluorescein Filter include the viewing of:

  • Corneal abrasions / Trauma
  • Epithelium damage
  • Contact lens fitting/ irritation
  • Tear break up / Partial blinking
  • Foreign bodies/ Debris
Compatible Slit Lamp Models
The AVS filter may be clipped onto the following slit lamps for handsfree use:

  • Takagi 4ZL
  • Nikon NS-1V
  • Keeler Symphony 40H
  • Keeler Symphony 3020Z
  • Keeler SL-40
  • Miltron SL-40Z
  • Haag Streit BP900
  • CSO SL990-D
  • Topcon SL-D7
  • SK-MED LS4
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