Meet the team

Aston Vision Sciences was spun out from Aston University in 2020 and we are a team of, passionate and dedicated staff working to bring fast, easy and convenient eye care to the world.  

I'm the CEO!!!

Dr Karl

Father of the technology & PhD graduate from Aston University in Biomedical Engineering, Karl has the rare talent of being an engineer who can also speak the language of business. Through a varied and multidisciplinary background ranging from engineering, sales, industrial design and successful delivery of complex projects, Karl maintains continual contact with many end customers within the ophthalmic world and focuses this knowledge into the creation of a product that will truly exceed customer expectations.

I'm the Non-Exec Director!!!


A successful, lifelong entrepreneur who built his business into a chain of nine high street optometry clinics before successfully exiting and moving on to senior position at The Outside Clinic as director of strategic partnerships. Paul brings a wealth of experience around business strategy, joint venture partnerships, and business strategy.

I'm the Software guy!!!


Born in the matrix where C++, C# & Linux were the common tongues, CJ has over 15 years’ experience fighting the resistance against complex software challenges. After escaping the tyranny of his old overlords, CJ now lives in the real world where he has been given the space and freedom to allow his many talents to flourish into digital jazz- a beautiful symphony of advanced, secure and efficient code for medical devices according to the internationally recognised ISO62304 standard.

I'm the Quality Manager for Regulatory Affairs!!!


From humble beginnings as a line worker in a cold factory in Wales, Karina quickly rose up the ranks to carve out an impressive career as quality inspector in food, cosmetic and now the medical device industry- bringing her total experience to 14 years in the unforgiving and relentless field of quality control. With a keen pair of eyes for detail and a tenacious personality for maintaining operational excellence she has been responsible for both implementation and continual upkeep of the AVS ISO13485 Medical Device Quality Management system.

I'm the Electronics Engineer!!!


From the hot deserts of the middle east comes an electronic engineer with talents like no other. Able to rise to any challenge, Masoud has advanced problem-solving skills and a unique perspective on the electronics world that results in beautiful, space saving and stable solutions that are a pleasure to use. With two patent applications to his name, Masoud has the credentials to backup his work.

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