High performance filter ready to take your clinic to the next level

Hands free operation with compatible slit lamp

Reveal hidden details

Aston Vision Sciences’ colour enhanced fluorescein filter allows for high fidelity viewing of the anterior surface. Retro- fit design enables clip on to many common slit lamp models allowing for a fast & simple upgrade of existing equipment.

Common uses include the viewing of:

  • Corneal abrasions
  • Trauma
  • Foreign bodies/ debris
  • Tear breakup
  • Partial blinking
  • Contact lens fitting/ irritation

Features of the filter

Do more

Allow your clinic to perform at its best with the new filter without having to change equipment

See More

High performance viewing to spot finer details with greater confidence and better results

With Comfort

Compatible with many slit lamps for handsfree viewing giving you the freedom to work fast

And Lower Cost

Have the filter in your tool kit without worry about excessive costs or changes to establised practices

It is great to see a robust, regulatory approved yellow filter based on our research, become available for all those slit lamp biomicroscopes that don’t have one built in. A yellow filter is vital for optimised viewing of fluorescein on the ocular surface and its spectral transmission needs to be carefully selected. In addition, the AVS filter clips in place, making examination of the eye easier”
Prof. James Wolffsohn
Head of School of Optometry, Aston University
"The yellow filter is an amazing asset to improve the fluorescein visualisation of the cornea epithelial surface for subtle changes that may be easily missed otherwise. It is also a great teaching tool for junior ophthalmology trainees, optometrists and nurse practitioners who are starting to learn how to look for these changes as it clearly highlight them even with minimal fluorescein staining"
Dr Soon Ch'ng
Consultant Ophthalmologist, Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre

Tear film break up in action

Fast changes in tear film composition give rise to darker regions indicating the possibility of dry eye disease which become apparent with the fluorescein filter.

Example Captures

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