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Why we do what we do

If current devices promise so much, why are numbers of blind people increasing globally? Because current devices do not meet patient needs….

Over a thousand people start to lose their sight in the UK each month and many of us may personally know someone who is going through this. In countries around the world where resources are limited, numbers of people experiencing such personal tragedies are far greater- with nowhere to turn to find help in times of decline and no support to be provided once blind. 

Many eye conditions are treatable but only if problems are identified and addressed early- something that is still lacking today. Aston Vision Sciences Ltd. was started with the central aim of helping countless of people around the world through the development of a low cost, portable instrument for the early diagnosis of eye diseases. Based on a patent pending illumination system, front to back captured of eye data will now be possible with our comprehensive instrument. Coupled with newly available machine learning algorithms and higher fidelity image capture, a whole host of eye conditions ranging from corneal, cataract or even glaucoma abnormalities can be objectively detected with our single, go- to solution, thereby enabling earlier diagnosis, better chances of recovery and overall, far more efficient delivery of care.

Globally visually imparied (billion est.)
How many people go blind in UK each day?
Global number of dry eye sufferers (est. million)
Worldwide glaucoma sufferers (est. million)
Global age- related macular degeneration sufferers (est. million)
Global diabetic retinopathy sufferes (est. million)

POVScope Fast Diagnosis, Fast Triage

The POVScope is an all in one instrument designed for fast and early patient eye disease triage. Based upon continual feedback from clinicians from around the world, we have created a tool that will serve your needs, secure patient referrals and most importantly, reach the millions of people that are left behind from current medical provision. What could previously only be achieved with several instruments can now be done with one low cost solution- the POVScope.

Front to back Eye Examination in single device

POVScope works on a simple yet versatile illumination principle which gives great flexibility for non- contact evaluation of different parts of the human eye.

Low training & space requirements

Compact size with simple operation, the POVScope was designed around clinician needs making adoption and daily use second nature

Stationary & Portable Operation modes

POVScope can be used with standard slit lamp chin rests or in handheld mode. Save space in your diagnosis room by having a single instrument that meets your diagnosis needs.

Identify Patients Early

Early diagnosis equals greater treatment options and greater chances of healthy recovery.

Greater Patient Reach

Portable, low weight instrument which can be used in home or clinical settings meaning patients with mobility and distance challenges can be reached.

Save Money, Save Time

Fast setup with no need to swap between instruments for testing different parts of the eye.

Team Members

We are a group of experienced people who have created a cutting edge company that we call home.

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